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This is what a bad day looks like

This is not a proud day for Mama, and that’s okay with me.  We all have those days.  Those days where our parenting behavior is just not stellar or admirable or what we aspire to in any way.

That being said, having one of those days every once in a while (usually) doesn’t end up harming anyone; and sometimes–it even provokes some change in the people around you.  Time will tell if that is the result of today’s experiences, but a mama can hope… Continue reading This is what a bad day looks like


It’s weird to have a neurotypical (NT) kid sometimes

Girly is neurotypical.  In the world of special needs, this is abbreviated as “NT”.  It means that there has been no significant concern or disruption in her development.  That is not BigGuy’s history.  As a result, we are often pretty taken with some of the things that “just happen” with Girly because it wasn’t our experience with BigGuy.

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It’s not attention deficit, it’s impulse control

Back in the spring, after years of dietary interventions and ruling out other things that can look like ADD/ADHD and lots of struggling with what looked like a VERY bright but unmotivated kid, BigGuy had a huge battery of psychological testing done so we had a better clue of what he was capable of.  These included the Connor’s Test–which is supposed to be an objective way to determine whether a child has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  BigGuy’s results weren’t even borderline–he clearly did NOT have an attention disorder.

The psychologist that did all the testing was as surprised as we were given what he observed during the testing.  None the less, BigGuy was clearly able to focus when he needed to.  The psychologist said that BigGuy’s problem was actually impulse control.  All I could think of was “Isn’t it an attention problem if you can’t control your impulses?!?!?”

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Spring semester officially begins

And it starts with swimming.  Our state is mercifully lax on homeschool laws.  No registration, no number of days, no testing… just that you teach in the English language and at some point during the year, cover 7 subjects (with no dictate about how much time you spend on any of them).  Welcome to “Physical Development and Health”.

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