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“You are the reason I no longer teach”

In looking through my blog post drafts, I found one that I missed.  In November of 2014, a woman told me “You are the reason I no longer teach.”  Do you know why?

Because my kid has food intolerances (that affect his behavior within minutes) and very severe blood dysregulation.  Which she believed was absolute nonsense.  Let me tell you what else I heard from her…

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Releasing what defines you for powerful results

This isn’t even JUST about homeschooling per se.  It’s about looking at what defines you and being honest about how that profile is serving the larger goals for your life.  My family is examining this 42 ways to Sunday right now…

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Surprise! It looks like we have a high schooler

A week or two ago I attended BigGuy’s Gavel Club end-of-year presentation.  BigGuy is 12 and by public school standards–he would’ve been in 6th grade this year.  The local Gavel Club had a junior high “section” or “division” or whatever you want to call it.

A friend’s daughter was graduating out of Gavel Club that day (there is a curriculum to complete and she was finished with it).  She told me that she had not put her son (a year older than BigGuy) in Gavel Club because she wanted to be able to use it for high school credit… Continue reading Surprise! It looks like we have a high schooler

The truth about deschooling that will blow your mind

It’s the word that no new homeschooler wants to hear: “deschooling”.  Sometimes confused with “unschooling” and regarded with the same disdain and disgust to the newly transitioning… but this little word can change the trajectory of your homeschool experience.  Continue reading The truth about deschooling that will blow your mind

Someone asked why we homeschool

On a local forum, a mom asked us to share the reasons we homeschool and she was particularly interested in hearing from parents of kids old enough to be in the public schools.  My post was apparently too long for Facebook… Continue reading Someone asked why we homeschool


So, BigGuy’s testing qualified him for Algebra I in the district.  He took the Iowa Algebra test (I think it’s the IAAT, but I think there’s another one called the IART–not sure which).  It had four sections and BigGuy got 3 problems wrong on the entire test.  BAM!  “Do you even DO math, bruh?”  (We are all about the “do you even” remark here lately)

That being said, we’re still uncertain that he can take Algebra with the district…  Continue reading Alge-BRUH

Summer camp

The picture says it all folks.  Summer camp.  A joy so genuine that it is worth the fortune of money paid, the hours in the cars, the dislocated workplaces of the parents, and the jumbling of task management at home to accommodate All Of The Joy.

What kind of summer camps provide the faces you see above, you ask?

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Pre-algebra is officially completed

BigGuy set a goal and met it.  He wanted to finish Pre-algebra before July because it was the only way he could start Algebra I in the fall… and he did it.  He actually did it ahead of time, but took some time today to resubmit two homework assignments so that he could bring his final grade up over 90%.

Who is this kid…?

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