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Day 17: Invite people over–kids pick the menu

Talk about Divine Intervention: we have friends coming over!  Our friends live in Spain most of the year and come over the U.S. for a few weeks or months for work.  Tonight, they are coming over for dinner—yayyyy!!!  So why does this activity fall on this day? Continue reading Day 17: Invite people over–kids pick the menu


BigGuy had quite a performance

BigGuy choir uniform with tie

Last night, our BigGuy went off to his second performance with his boys choir; and his first in full regalia.   I broke down and got his hair cut so he didn’t ACTUALLY look like that.  I don’t care what other people think of his hair.  It causes me physical eyestrain pain to see it hang in his eyes.  Nobody’s ever said anything about his long hair (and dude–it’s been WAY longer than this.  I’m not sure how I got through this stage when he grew it longer).

But my son’s choir sang with the American Boychoir (which is like the United States version of the Vienna Boys Choir).  It was such an honor! Continue reading BigGuy had quite a performance