About our family

Family members:  Papa, Mama, BigGuy, Girly, Hound and formerly, BigPuppy

Family pic from Princeton NJ

Papa/Husbeau is working outside of the house for the first time in easily a decade.  He is consulting, so no work means no pay; and he spends 2-3 hours/day commuting.  Thankfully, he likes the work and the environment.  And there’s that whole income thing….

Mama runs a successful coaching practice and is still full-time managing child education experiences (which includes coaching our middle school level science team).  She is a former technology project manager (certified Project Management Professional); has a Master of Arts in Teaching with additional graduate credits in Special Education and Teaching Children with Autism; and is a certified Positive Psychology coach (with a few other coaching certifications in there as well).  I write a lot.  See more about my background on the Work With Me page and where I’ve been featured on my Who’s Using My Work page.

BigGuy (formerly BoyChild) is a creative, scientific and dramatic guy with Asperger’s Syndrome (a diagnosis that no longer technically exists).  He pretty much has no concept that someone sleeping probably cannot hear him (and doesn’t want to hear him) talk about Minecraft.  But he is very snuggly and has a great (albeit geeky) sense of humor.  Although we see no seizures today, he was diagnosed with atypical general epilepsy around age 2 and Reactive Airway Disorder around the same time.  He is medically exempt from vaccines due to a mild IgA deficiency.  He was also suspected of having cerebral palsy and profound deafness at 9 months old.  He has multiple food intolerances and a rather serious blood sugar problem that is being managed very intensively without meds (so far) and being investigated for genetic metabolic disorder.  Puberty hormones are KILLING US.  It’s been quite a journey, y’all.

Girly is a vivacious old soul.  She came to us by adoption as an infant from the state we lived in at the time.  She is our artist and our athlete.  Her kindness and helpfulness are only matched by her fire when she’s unhappy.  She is also very snuggly and struggles with her sense of belonging in the world at far earlier ages than we imagined possible.  She has challenged all of our disbeliefs around in-utero/newborn bonding and adoption loss.  But so far, she is fairly healthy.  A few food intolerances and a flag for neurological dysfunction that got her exempt from her vaccines (by two separate doctors… JUST to be sure).  Just full of love.

BigPuppy was our last  dog.  He was 11 years old when he died in November 2015 and truly, if we give him a sense that you’re supposed to be in our house and you pet him, you could not get him to leave you alone.  He barked A. LOT.  But followed us around the house and slept at our feet even if you were still for just 2-3 minutes.  He was also a hunter–which is rare for a Sheltie.  But no joke, big puppy would hunt down every animal in the yard for the kill and that has included one of our own chickens (that we were able to intervene on and nurse back to health).

Hound is our dog.  She is somewhere between 3-5 years old and came to us from a shelter in December 2015–soon after BigPuppy died.  Mama was really the only person that wanted her (and Mama was lost without a dog :/ )  She. Is. Loud. and she is not even close to being a good hunter.  Her character voice is that of a Southern Belle and she knows when we’re doing “her voice”.



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