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All Of The Tests

Ohforthelove… BigGuy took the ACT in April because he wanted to apply to an online high school.  He didn’t get the scores he needed (partly anxiety about the test and partly lack of knowledge) and in fact, he came in one point too low for the lab science he wants next year.  So we are taking the Stanford10 online since those scores WILL qualify for his lab science.

As usual, Girly was displeased with being left out…  Continue reading All Of The Tests


Days 12, 13 & 14: Lots of stuff

So here’s the thing: it was choir concert weekend.  You’d think I’d have learned to schedule my posts when these kinds of things are coming, but alas…  There was a choir rehearsal for Girly Saturday morning for 2 hours, then we had an hour off before BigGuy’s rehearsal (which included eating lunch with the choir).  Sunday we had soccer at 9:30am, call time for the first concert at 1:30pm, finished that and got home by 3:30pm and then had to get BigGuy dressed, fed, and to his 5:30pm call time for his concert.

We did, however, manage to keep up with our seasonal activities…  Continue reading Days 12, 13 & 14: Lots of stuff

My guy and math facts

BigGuy has a math facts issue.  He can correctly answer all of his addition and subtraction math facts in 3 seconds or less when being drilled on xtramath.org; but when he attempts to do them in any other scenario, he can barely even walk himself through figuring them out.  Even if he’s using his fingers.  It’s IN. SANE.  Especially given his very typically autism spectrum memory.  The child remembers everything.  Just not math facts.  WTF? Continue reading My guy and math facts