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When unschooled kids learn “all that stuff” people think they never learn

11904712_10153120564753753_9182439994170434911_nAnd so it begins…

People always worry that unschooling won’t prepare kids for the real world.  How will they learn (insert any number of skills here).  It’s a scary place to be for parents–especially since unschooled kids often don’t learn things when their classroom-schooled age-peers learn these things.  Suddenly, there’s an overwhelming fear that they’ll be “behind” and at a disadvantage that will render their children unable to support themselves in society.

And that’s a really valid fear when you consider that we don’t have a lot of open role models who have been unschooled.  But let’s break it down and analyze it. Continue reading When unschooled kids learn “all that stuff” people think they never learn

Another passion discovered

Girly likes to sing.  Lots of kids like to sing.  Girly really just likes to sing to herself because she’s very shy and this shyness manifests in countless ways.  Not horribly abnormal although it’s rather severe.

So we were rather surprised when she decided she wanted to be in the choir like her brother Continue reading Another passion discovered

Someone asked why we homeschool

On a local forum, a mom asked us to share the reasons we homeschool and she was particularly interested in hearing from parents of kids old enough to be in the public schools.  My post was apparently too long for Facebook… Continue reading Someone asked why we homeschool