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All Of The Tests

Ohforthelove… BigGuy took the ACT in April because he wanted to apply to an online high school.  He didn’t get the scores he needed (partly anxiety about the test and partly lack of knowledge) and in fact, he came in one point too low for the lab science he wants next year.  So we are taking the Stanford10 online since those scores WILL qualify for his lab science.

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Week in review… winter coming to a close

So, I have learned some things about myself.  I think I shared with you that I need to be on “execute” mode in autumn or nothing gets done.  That means I have to plan, organize and supply myself before then.  And dude… I’m notsomuch going to let that stuff interfere with being at the pool, so…

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So far, so tolerable

And so the school year begins… fuh realz.  We are on roughly day 6 of having a daily public school class for the BigGuy and Girly is lagging behind.  Notsomuch in academics but just in “having things to do”.  So that is my next great endeavor… What to do with Girly? Continue reading So far, so tolerable

BigGuy enters “middle school” for 2015-2016

My BigGuy would be entering 6th grade in the fall if he were in public school.  As we were discussing what he’d like to learn this year, he noted that Algebra I and Physics would normally be high school classes.  I agreed.  He asked “If that’s the case, what grade would I be in if I were in school?”

That was a relatively long discussion.

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She can read

BigGuy taught himself to read by the age of 3–despite all of his other global developmental challenges.  He actually taught himself to sight-read; but since he knew all of his letters and letter sounds, I intervened and imposed phonics on him.  It wasn’t easy, but it was quick.

People used to tell me that I was so chill about homeschooling and my stock reply was “Well, he can read.  Come talk to me when Girly is 8 and not reading yet and let’s see how chill I am then.”  Because it seems like reading becomes the barometer of educational success and Girly is another story…

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The “backup plan”

BigGuy grades day 2

BigGuy is still a-twitter about going to the state-sponsored math and science academy when he’s old enough.  Knowing my son, I made sure to preemptively strike his negative side and discuss the alternate plans if he didn’t get in.  It would be very much like him to be working very hard and push himself only to talk himself into being lazy with the excuse that “he might not get in anyway”.

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