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Scheduled unschooling… I’m serious

We are ending our sixth year of homeschooling.  For the first 1-2 years, I waffled between scheduled and notsomuch scheduled when it came to academics.  If not for all our moving, I might have tried to find a schedule that worked until I gave up.  Instead, I threw my hands up and said “He’s ahead–I’m not gonna worry about it”.

But we’ve entered a new phase of life…

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“I feel strongly that children need to grow up and function in society.”

This was said to me recently when another parent learned that we homeschool.  How does this idea even still exist?  No, I mean, seriously.  Are people STILL so ignorant that they believe homeschooling a child will render them incapable of functioning in society???

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Parenting level: Master

Today, my husband showed me how he used the Roku remote app on his iPhone to interrupt the kids playing Pandora with a video of him telling BigGuy to stop and go unload and reload the dishwasher–at which point he could have Pandora put back on.  Husbeau is new to Apple products & has had the phone MAYBE a month.

Parenting level: Master.

Mama is off to install the app on her phone…

Ooops, we did it again…

That’s right, y’all.  All of our horribly unsocialized homeschoolers won the Spirit Award for the STATE level Science Olympiad this time–beating out 48 other middle schools (since the spirit award was giving to one team across both Class A and Class AA) in displaying exemplary sportsmanship… OUR FIRST YEAR THERE!

And thank GAWD because it saved us from BigGuy insisting we leave the whole shindig…

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To plan, or not to plan… that is the question

Next to packing lunches, planning is the complete bane of my existence.  I loathe each with equal passion.  Currently, I am detaching from reality each evening with an inflammation-inducing comfort of organic milk (we have been dairy-free for ELEVEN years) and chunky Chips Ahoy cookies (we have been gluten-free for a decade and pretty much flour free because of blood sugar issues for easily 3 years)… because I am in a quandary about how to proceed with my kids educational needs and I just don’t feel like dealing with it.

But I’m going to deal with it, obviously… Here is the quandary…

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