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So… puberty is officially here

I’d love to be a better mother than this, but I just am not.  Like, seriously.

Hormones and puberty have hit us like a ton of bricks and the last two weeks here have turned me ass-end-up. Continue reading So… puberty is officially here

Navigating a new child within my child

Last week, I spoke with a client who sought guidance on managing her son’s education.  Her son was a 9-year-old and I could hear this mama’s concern about how to support her child and minimize some of the issues she clearly recognized as being control issues.  And she was spot on.  She had read about “The Nine Year Old Change”:  “The special needs of the nine year old are the result of an important change in consciousness that marks the end of early childhood and the transition to a new developmental phase” (from WaldorfInTheHome.org)

As BigGuy started entering puberty last year, I sympathized with her; but I also realized that reading about a developmental stage wasn’t the same as reading about how to handle it from the parent’s side…  Continue reading Navigating a new child within my child