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The “backup plan”

BigGuy grades day 2

BigGuy is still a-twitter about going to the state-sponsored math and science academy when he’s old enough.  Knowing my son, I made sure to preemptively strike his negative side and discuss the alternate plans if he didn’t get in.  It would be very much like him to be working very hard and push himself only to talk himself into being lazy with the excuse that “he might not get in anyway”.

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Netiquette and other technology lessons…

Oy… did mama get a lesson toDAY.  People, lemme tell you something: my Master’s is in Secondary Education with a specialty area of Education Technology.  I taught high school in the business department and that included (other people) teaching office productivity applications and an end-to-end systems architecture overview (which I taught) but it did not include teaching typing, netiquette or some of the other ins and outs of collaborating or learning online.

And you do not learn this well on your own.  This is how I found out…

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Inspiration strikes!

Last spring, our school district and two others started a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) charter school.  The kids had to qualify for the lottery; but homeschoolers and private schoolers were not allowed into the lottery.  BigGuy saw the trailer for the new school and was out of his mind with excitement that was quickly squashed.  He even asked me “if I go to the regular school for a year, THEN would I be allowed to go to the STEM charter?”  It was heart-breaking to see him so moved only to be so knocked down… because he’s a homeschooler.

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