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Travel vs. vacations

So, I am back from Summer Vacation so-to-speak.  While I was gone, we suffered a death in the family and made a quick dash to New Jersey and got in almost 2 hours of salt, sand, sun and viciously brazen seagulls.  It was a glorious and needed reprieve in the grief of losing my husband’s grandmother (which I will write about eventually).  Then I jetted off to Phoenix, Arizona where the wind felt like a blow dryer but I had a great time communing with other science team coaches.

Last week, a friend had an unexpected stopover in Iceland.  Saturday, neighbors around a fire pit were talking about the deals for kids in Aruba as we welcomed back a family that had been at Disney (while others up the block had just left).  This morning, I sought out a travel agent friend for another friend looking to plan family travel to Greece or Europe.   Suddenly it occurred to me that my own family had not been on a vacation in many years…  Continue reading Travel vs. vacations