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All the news that’s fit to print–updates

So much has been happening.  Let me give you a quick recap and rundown…

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Check in with yourself and see where you want to be

Every day is a new beginning.  I am always motivated in the spring.  Maybe it’s the lengthening hours of sunshine and the starting of my gardens.  Life is bursting forward and I am running face into the wind with all of it.  It’s a good time to check in with yourself and see if you are where you want to be…

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When all of that resolution crap creates a breakthrough

I am one of those people that really enjoys a good introspective workbook.  Like a “transformative change” junkie.  One of the things I find is doing these things over time–over and over again–starts to help train your brain to look at yourself a bit more objectively.  That was really helpful this week… Continue reading When all of that resolution crap creates a breakthrough

What happens when you are helpless to having expectations

I don’t know what happened… One minute, we were really happy and free and loving.  Then we kind of got thrown into learning–driven by BigGuy’s goals and desires as I floundered to figure out to support him.  Then I thought I had it, but I was neglecting Girly’s needs.  Now, as I plot ahead for the next school year, I am already overwhelmed.  And that’s stupid because as unschoolers, there really shouldn’t be a lot for me to do.  Seriously.  But I’m noticing that our recent realization that BigGuy is high school-eligible has given me temporary brain shift and with it came a wave of crazy expectations…. Continue reading What happens when you are helpless to having expectations

How to shatter distraction and create focus

Easily 2-3 years ago, I wrote a blog entry on how ludicrous I thought it would be that I could meditate and where that little experiment landed me.  I had studied the effects of various types of mediation on some pretty heavy-hitting health challenges; but I never really saw the purpose in using it as a daily practice for “the rest of us”.


Now I realize that focused meditation (the kind that uses a mantra) is a huge help for those with anxiety.  It effectively teaches you how to control your thoughts so that they don’t run away with you–causing an anxiety or panic attack.  I found focused meditation was also profoundly helpful to my clients that “couldn’t turn their brain off” at night–often falling asleep with the TV on so that they could distract their brain with nonsense to fall asleep.

My next little experiment is going to be on my BigGuy.  I’ve wanted to do this before and even tried, but I’m Queen Inconsistency and never managed to get him on track for more than (literally) a day.  Now, I have to do this for myself and I’m going to pull him along with me–hoping it will prove useful in him being able to control his thoughts and stay more focused.  He’s been on board for this for a long time because HE doesn’t like being distracted, but he can’t control it.  As a result, he also can’t manage to get on top of the practice on his own.  :/

So I encourage you to consider this if you or your children have anxiety, distraction or even just a hard time falling asleep each night.  Make sure you are focusing on a mantra during your practice.  The link to my business blog entry above will give you great starting points (free ones!).

Do you already meditate?  Do you use a mantra?

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Behind the scenes of monumental challenge and survival

Thanks for bearing with me on my pause from writing.  So much has happened in the last month that I can’t really talk about publicly at the moment just because it’s still in progress.  Suffice it to say that my family is facing some pretty big challenges that may end in some pretty big life changes. Continue reading Behind the scenes of monumental challenge and survival

Small confessions: all out of courage

Yesterday, I appeared to be having “a day”.  And my blog is here to help me process, so I turned to my blog.  Because it was just after noon and it was a bad morning.  Here it is… raw and real and freshly outpoured yesterday.  ❤ Continue reading Small confessions: all out of courage

Day 1: Remembrance

BigPuppy with drawings

It wasn’t the plan, but then nothing this season will be as planned.  Yesterday we said goodbye to our faithful friend, companion and protector.  We spent the 24 hours prior pouring as much love into him as we could, and unless Husbeau has removed them–his bowls are still in their place in the kitchen.  Coming home to an empty house last night overtook Girly and I; and everyone piled into the Big Bed to try to find some kind of comfort and safety in the mess of tears and anguish.  I dosed everyone with 2 drops of Star of Bethlehem Bach flower remedies just in case it could diffuse some of the trauma and grief of losing our best friend. Continue reading Day 1: Remembrance