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Fear is the looming deadline of adulthood

When your 15yo son is wearing the largest shoe size in the house, has hair everywhere including his chin, and can wear your clothes… suddenly, you realize he’s going to be a legal adult SOON.

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Do you know what is ACTUALLY required to graduate high school?

I’m not exactly sure what happened.  Maybe Thanksgiving.  I know that every year for the last decade, I have had an influx of new clients at this time of year and I usually attribute it to a combination of “so this is no longer a matter of adjusting to the classroom” and talking about their plight with lots of people they see over the holidays.

And the concerns are often the same, but generally unfounded when you find out what is legally required to graduate high school.  Guess what?  It’s SO. MUCH. LESS. than you think.

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It’s here! It’s here! The new school year!

You all realize that this is a JOURNEY, right?  None of us has it all figured out.  I’m on year 10 of homeschooling and so help me–every year is a learning experience for ME.  Every year since I’ve started this blog, you will see a list of “resources” that went largely unused.  The best laid plans, right?  So how am I tackling this year?  Here ya go…

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Releasing what defines you for powerful results

This isn’t even JUST about homeschooling per se.  It’s about looking at what defines you and being honest about how that profile is serving the larger goals for your life.  My family is examining this 42 ways to Sunday right now…

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Vocabulary matters: labels that will make you think

What’s the difference?  A lot.  People are usually using the terms “unschooling”, “child-led learning”, “child-centered learning” and “homeschooling” in ways that may not be accurate.  Let’s dig into the various terms used to describe educational activities outside of a brick and mortar school…

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Homeschooling children in the autism spectrum and socialization

The Old Schoolhouse was seeking some articles about homeschooling and special needs.  I was fortunate enough to be chosen to write about a subject near and dear to my heart:  how homeschooling children in the autism spectrum can provide wonderful and intensive opportunities for socialization.

This is counter to what many educators will tell parents.  Often, we are told that these children MUST be in school for socialization purposes.  I was told this.  I was told this at least 3 years into intensive therapeutic interventions for my son in the autism spectrum and having a Master’s degree in teaching that included additional graduate level credits in special education and specifically in teaching children with autism.

But I was told that I didn’t know what was best for my son–and that I would be crippling him for life by keeping him home.  In fact, he’s come farther than they anticipated was possible and note that his recent evaluator (who can spot a spectrum child in 2 minutes) was unable to peg his spectrum diagnosis until she was more involved in his testing–where it was unquestionable. She sees kids like mine daily and is involved in many research studies. It comes with new challenges but even she conceded that some of his surprising areas of functionality were undoubtedly the result of the “intensive” or frequency of training he gets at home.

Certainly your family situation, your child’s severity of impairment and your access to services are HUGE factors in this decision.  But for those who have figured out the rest and the final sticking point is socialization… or if socialization has prevented you from even trying to figure out the rest–I invite you to visit my article on this issue at The Old Schoolhouse and let me know what you think.  

Does this raise new thoughts for you?  Concerns?  Challenges?  Awakenings? Opportunities?
Much love to you,

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Someone asked why we homeschool

On a local forum, a mom asked us to share the reasons we homeschool and she was particularly interested in hearing from parents of kids old enough to be in the public schools.  My post was apparently too long for Facebook… Continue reading Someone asked why we homeschool


So, BigGuy’s testing qualified him for Algebra I in the district.  He took the Iowa Algebra test (I think it’s the IAAT, but I think there’s another one called the IART–not sure which).  It had four sections and BigGuy got 3 problems wrong on the entire test.  BAM!  “Do you even DO math, bruh?”  (We are all about the “do you even” remark here lately)

That being said, we’re still uncertain that he can take Algebra with the district…  Continue reading Alge-BRUH