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How to shatter distraction and create focus

Easily 2-3 years ago, I wrote a blog entry on how ludicrous I thought it would be that I could meditate and where that little experiment landed me.  I had studied the effects of various types of mediation on some pretty heavy-hitting health challenges; but I never really saw the purpose in using it as a daily practice for “the rest of us”.


Now I realize that focused meditation (the kind that uses a mantra) is a huge help for those with anxiety.  It effectively teaches you how to control your thoughts so that they don’t run away with you–causing an anxiety or panic attack.  I found focused meditation was also profoundly helpful to my clients that “couldn’t turn their brain off” at night–often falling asleep with the TV on so that they could distract their brain with nonsense to fall asleep.

My next little experiment is going to be on my BigGuy.  I’ve wanted to do this before and even tried, but I’m Queen Inconsistency and never managed to get him on track for more than (literally) a day.  Now, I have to do this for myself and I’m going to pull him along with me–hoping it will prove useful in him being able to control his thoughts and stay more focused.  He’s been on board for this for a long time because HE doesn’t like being distracted, but he can’t control it.  As a result, he also can’t manage to get on top of the practice on his own.  :/

So I encourage you to consider this if you or your children have anxiety, distraction or even just a hard time falling asleep each night.  Make sure you are focusing on a mantra during your practice.  The link to my business blog entry above will give you great starting points (free ones!).

Do you already meditate?  Do you use a mantra?

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Small confessions: all out of courage

Yesterday, I appeared to be having “a day”.  And my blog is here to help me process, so I turned to my blog.  Because it was just after noon and it was a bad morning.  Here it is… raw and real and freshly outpoured yesterday.  ❤ Continue reading Small confessions: all out of courage

Parenting level: Master

Today, my husband showed me how he used the Roku remote app on his iPhone to interrupt the kids playing Pandora with a video of him telling BigGuy to stop and go unload and reload the dishwasher–at which point he could have Pandora put back on.  Husbeau is new to Apple products & has had the phone MAYBE a month.

Parenting level: Master.

Mama is off to install the app on her phone…

Ooops, we did it again…

That’s right, y’all.  All of our horribly unsocialized homeschoolers won the Spirit Award for the STATE level Science Olympiad this time–beating out 48 other middle schools (since the spirit award was giving to one team across both Class A and Class AA) in displaying exemplary sportsmanship… OUR FIRST YEAR THERE!

And thank GAWD because it saved us from BigGuy insisting we leave the whole shindig…

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No questions asked: kids need structure

If you have a kid that functions better at school than they do at home, this is the phrase that will make you believe not only that you CAN’T homeschool, but that you SHOULDN’T–for your child’s sake (and maybe yours).   I hear this a lot… about how “kids need structure”.  I don’t disagree with the concept although I may have a different perspective on how that manifests in real life.  My son and I do NOT function without structure.  Seriously.  Train wreck.

Structure:  “something arranged in a definite pattern of organization” (thank you, Merriam-Webster online).  So how do you create this when you homeschool?

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Weekend with Girly

This weekend, I feel like the torch was officially passed to my husband on the Scouting front.  He and BigGuy left early Saturday morning for the first of what will be many Scout camping outings.  This one was very short, but they banged out all of the requirements to get him his “Scout” badge (the very first rank in Boy Scouts).

That, however, left Girly and I on our own…

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It’s weird to have a neurotypical (NT) kid sometimes

Girly is neurotypical.  In the world of special needs, this is abbreviated as “NT”.  It means that there has been no significant concern or disruption in her development.  That is not BigGuy’s history.  As a result, we are often pretty taken with some of the things that “just happen” with Girly because it wasn’t our experience with BigGuy.

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It’s not attention deficit, it’s impulse control

Back in the spring, after years of dietary interventions and ruling out other things that can look like ADD/ADHD and lots of struggling with what looked like a VERY bright but unmotivated kid, BigGuy had a huge battery of psychological testing done so we had a better clue of what he was capable of.  These included the Connor’s Test–which is supposed to be an objective way to determine whether a child has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  BigGuy’s results weren’t even borderline–he clearly did NOT have an attention disorder.

The psychologist that did all the testing was as surprised as we were given what he observed during the testing.  None the less, BigGuy was clearly able to focus when he needed to.  The psychologist said that BigGuy’s problem was actually impulse control.  All I could think of was “Isn’t it an attention problem if you can’t control your impulses?!?!?”

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Real understanding

It’s been quite a week.  Mama is starting to get her footing and get back to engaging better with the small people.  Engagement.  That’s what I’m going for here.  It’s hard.  I have horrible Seasonal Affect Disorder and am truly thankful that we spent our emergency funds on a skylight in the master bedroom.  So the last few weeks have been very sluggish and mama hasn’t been very engaged.  I think I didn’t really realize what was happening, either.  My semester in review post made me think about it. Continue reading Real understanding