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Navigating a new child within my child

Last week, I spoke with a client who sought guidance on managing her son’s education.  Her son was a 9-year-old and I could hear this mama’s concern about how to support her child and minimize some of the issues she clearly recognized as being control issues.  And she was spot on.  She had read about “The Nine Year Old Change”:  “The special needs of the nine year old are the result of an important change in consciousness that marks the end of early childhood and the transition to a new developmental phase” (from WaldorfInTheHome.org)

As BigGuy started entering puberty last year, I sympathized with her; but I also realized that reading about a developmental stage wasn’t the same as reading about how to handle it from the parent’s side…  Continue reading Navigating a new child within my child

Waxing reminiscent of my dreams today

October 11, 2012… it was a stunning day.  Girly was a month away from being 4 and BigGuy was 8–on the cusp of 9.  I was so discouraged–having lived in Illinois for 2 years and not feeling like I had “fit” anywhere really.  I ran into someone I knew loosely and she invited me into a small circle of families that changed my life for a while in a way that has changed me forever.  See that picture?  That was the second time we were all together.  Let me tell you what this group was like–what made them so incredible… Continue reading Waxing reminiscent of my dreams today

So far, so tolerable

And so the school year begins… fuh realz.  We are on roughly day 6 of having a daily public school class for the BigGuy and Girly is lagging behind.  Notsomuch in academics but just in “having things to do”.  So that is my next great endeavor… What to do with Girly? Continue reading So far, so tolerable


So, BigGuy’s testing qualified him for Algebra I in the district.  He took the Iowa Algebra test (I think it’s the IAAT, but I think there’s another one called the IART–not sure which).  It had four sections and BigGuy got 3 problems wrong on the entire test.  BAM!  “Do you even DO math, bruh?”  (We are all about the “do you even” remark here lately)

That being said, we’re still uncertain that he can take Algebra with the district…  Continue reading Alge-BRUH

It’s your first year and you’re overwhelmed–start here

I went to my friends house yesterday because I was in the neighborhood and she said I could.  She shared with me that as she enters her first year of homeschooling, she feels overwhelmed with where to start.  Her children are young (would-be 2nd grade, Kindy and toddler).  Similarly, a new homeschooler on one of my Facebook groups expressed panic over the same thing–where to start??

So here was my advice to them…  Continue reading It’s your first year and you’re overwhelmed–start here

Summer camp

The picture says it all folks.  Summer camp.  A joy so genuine that it is worth the fortune of money paid, the hours in the cars, the dislocated workplaces of the parents, and the jumbling of task management at home to accommodate All Of The Joy.

What kind of summer camps provide the faces you see above, you ask?

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Considering first grade for 2015-2016

I have so much to say about first grade and yet, I have so nothing to say about first grade.  I think the only thing I can firmly say is: if Girly were in public school, she would be in first grade.

But she’s not in public (or private) school.  She is homeschooled.  And she is starting to need more than I have previously offered her…

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#soccermom-ing is about to get REEEEAAALLLL

Honestly, I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking when I signed Girly up to try out for a travel soccer team.  Truly–I never thought she’d get on one.  And if that’s the case, why have her try out?

I’m certain all of this is the reason she got accepted.  Oh shit…

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