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Dipping our toes in the public schools

It’s scary, y’all.  Very, very scary.  I think people who have been involved in the schools don’t really give much thought to the countless types of information you hand over to them… being on their radar; but I am keenly aware of it.  Suddenly, I realized just how NOT on the radar we were until now.  It’s just kind of weird.

But for us, that’s really only a small part of it… We have much bigger issues here… Continue reading Dipping our toes in the public schools


Summer camp

The picture says it all folks.  Summer camp.  A joy so genuine that it is worth the fortune of money paid, the hours in the cars, the dislocated workplaces of the parents, and the jumbling of task management at home to accommodate All Of The Joy.

What kind of summer camps provide the faces you see above, you ask?

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The “backup plan”

BigGuy grades day 2

BigGuy is still a-twitter about going to the state-sponsored math and science academy when he’s old enough.  Knowing my son, I made sure to preemptively strike his negative side and discuss the alternate plans if he didn’t get in.  It would be very much like him to be working very hard and push himself only to talk himself into being lazy with the excuse that “he might not get in anyway”.

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Netiquette and other technology lessons…

Oy… did mama get a lesson toDAY.  People, lemme tell you something: my Master’s is in Secondary Education with a specialty area of Education Technology.  I taught high school in the business department and that included (other people) teaching office productivity applications and an end-to-end systems architecture overview (which I taught) but it did not include teaching typing, netiquette or some of the other ins and outs of collaborating or learning online.

And you do not learn this well on your own.  This is how I found out…

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Inspiration strikes!

Last spring, our school district and two others started a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) charter school.  The kids had to qualify for the lottery; but homeschoolers and private schoolers were not allowed into the lottery.  BigGuy saw the trailer for the new school and was out of his mind with excitement that was quickly squashed.  He even asked me “if I go to the regular school for a year, THEN would I be allowed to go to the STEM charter?”  It was heart-breaking to see him so moved only to be so knocked down… because he’s a homeschooler.

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How we handle Asperger’s Syndrome

BigGuy is not what most people imagine when they think of someone with Asperger’s.  They see my personable and extroverted kid who likes an audience and think I’m out of my mind because “THAT’S not Asperger’s”.

Oh contraire… but it is–I assure you.  Not all kids with Asperger’s are the silent, introverted, cannot-look-you-in-the-eye type.  Meet my guy… Continue reading How we handle Asperger’s Syndrome

Mean girls and bullies exist in homeschooling, too

So, here’s the thing: mean girls and bullies exist everywhere.  If you think that those of us that homeschool are trying to shelter our kids from this stuff (or if you’re considering homeschooling in hopes of eternally avoiding it)… guess again. Continue reading Mean girls and bullies exist in homeschooling, too

Challenges in educating (all of) our kids

During my Master’s in teaching, I had to review a lot of research that didn’t sit well with me.  Often, my classmates and I would exclaim “No wonder what we’re doing isn’t working!  The research says it won’t!”  Or we would ask “If the research says this, then why is public policy doing the opposite?”  We were told that we–the new, untenured teachers–would have to be the change the system needed.

The current teachers in the schools are laughing right now at the idea of a new, untenured teacher attempting to change culture and policy in a school… Continue reading Challenges in educating (all of) our kids

Socialization… for moms

Saturday night, I got to go out with a group of homeschooling moms to The Melting Pot.  It was gluten, dairy, chocolate, Big Gingers… total contraband evening.  It was chatting about our kids, occasionally double-dipping by accident, and having the waiter catch me saying “When I’m out, I cheat” as I walked back from the bathroom and giggling with the mama I was saying it to–who caught his reaction.

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