What day is this, anyway…?

Again… I swear at some point this train will either get on track or we will be back to doing close to “nothing that looks like education despite it’s actual educational value”.

We started with a doctor’s appointment for Mama.  Yup.  Mama has PTSD that was acquired in early childhood, diagnosed circa 1995, and ignored until 2013.  Mama has been fortunate to function so well for so long with so few of the typical PTSD accoutrements thanks to (no doubt) 27 years of non-trauma therapy getting me through it.  But that doesn’t really fix the problem, and in late 2013 it all got to be too much to manage and Mama got APPROPRIATE help and treatment.  I’m actually still undergoing EMDR therapy which has really been nothing short of a miracle worker.

Nine a.m. appointment.  Read: derail the morning.  We DID get our snuggles in this morning and we DID read our Character Building story (“Helpfulness”–BigGuy read it to us in the car and then read us the discussion questions–but also engaged in the conversation).  We got back in time for BigGuy to listen to his Biology lecture and then proceed to (predictably now) flip out afterward.  Something about the type of screen involvement or activities of that lecture are really making life hard for the rest of us.  Although last night I made him do the remaining two quizzes plus the exam for the first module–all of which he belted out with scores of 92%, 96% and 100% with barely any effort.

He opted out of doing any other work and I bit my tongue about it.

We then went to eat lunch, hit the discount book store, return (and check out) books at the library, then proceed to listen to Girly read some of the phonics readers I checked out en route to the chiropractor.  While waiting to be adjusted, BigGuy discovered the hot (as in “for making tea”) water in the water dispenser and rather than leave it alone, he felt the need to incorporate it into his activities.  This resulted in a lot of screaming, crying and general sounds of distress and agony for no less than an hour–from the chiropractor’s office until he got home, had coconut & lavender oils applied, attempted guided visualization to relieve the pain (laugh harder–you cannot be laughing hard enough at how poorly that went), then weaseled me out of watching a show.  Their electronics time was suspended for abysmal behavior, but dude–anything to get him to stop thinking about and screaming about his “horrifying pain”.  Honestly–there was ONE barely pinkened patch of skin.  Add on to all of this that I apparently didn’t console or comfort him until he asked.  Cue the conversation about how 1) I was stifling being beyond livid that he was playing with something he shouldn’t have; and 2) can we be thankful that once he asked–I responded to comfort and console him rather than scold him about how he GOT hurt?  *sigh*

Of course, Mama was out of sorts today which means Girly is out of sorts.  And by “out of sorts” I mean “expressing her anxiety about Mama’s obvious not-so-great-mood by pushing things as far as humanly possible”.  And thanks to EMDR therapy, Mama is capable of responding in comforting ways to this rather than chastising ways… but it’s still really hard.  Especially when I realize that I helped create that little problem.

Educational points today:

BigGuy: Biology, “helpfulness”, reading aloud, thermodynamics, cause-effect, analyzing for positives in a relationship, negotiation, and breathing techniques.

Girly: “A” and “the” as sight words, “helpfulness”, active listening, whatever was on the TWO episodes of Sesame Street that slipped by me, problem-solving to latch the alternate latch in a public bathroom when the first one doesn’t work (with no assistance from Mama–we’ll count this as “fine motor skills”), and something else profound that I cannot even believe escapes me right now but at the time, I was really impressed with whatever it was.

Mama: consoling children should happen before they ask, we don’t have a pharmacy/prescription CARD to go with our plan but apparently should, I can access my Amazon shopping cart through my phone’s web browser, tongue piercing.

Solid day.  Whatever day it is.


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