Hopes and dreams for the coming week

Tomorrow: we have some company coming for an early dinner; and then we’ll do our family meeting.  After our family meeting, I hope to sit down with BigGuy and plot out his week.

Monday: There is NOTHING on the schedule.  This bodes well for accomplishing some actual schoolwork as planned; and walking the kids through their chores.  Speaking of which–I need to make chores for Girly.  That evening is BigGuy’s first drama class and the school is holding an audition clinic afterward.  Not sure if he’ll go.

Tuesday:  BigGuy actually has a paid session with his choir instructor from last year’s homeschool co-op.  She coincidentally has taught at the school where he will do drama classes; and therefore knows the audition process with them pretty well.  I’m just really kind of hoping to get some stuff done before he goes to that after lunch.  Like BigGuy’s biology lectures.  There’s a park date on the calendar for the morning, but we’ll see.

Wednesday:  I have an appointment midday near my home (during Papa’s lunch break), and dinner with a girlfriend; but otherwise–the day is open.  Again: bodes well for trying to get into a new routine.  BigGuy has his biology lecture.

Thursday: We always have a sitter for Thursday afternoon; and this week–he will stay until 9pm instead of 5pm so Papa and I can go out to dinner for our 15th wedding anniversary.  BUT… I’m hoping the morning gets some dedicated routine time and at this point, I’m kind of hoping that we’re finding our stride.  BIG DREAMS, PEOPLE!!  GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Friday: At this point I’m hoping that I can sit down with BigGuy for our post-mortem and determine how the week went, do his accountability questions and thinking questions for the Tapestry of Grace portion of his work; check his other work and give him whatever corrective instruction he needs; then enjoy an afternoon hike facilitated by a local forest preserve.  It will be tricky getting home to take a client phone call.

Here is what my calendar (altered to protect the innocent) looks like.  We don’t usually go to the chiropractor Monday AND Tuesday but I killed my back last week and it’s still slightly noticeable–so I scheduled an appointment for Monday and Tuesday is the standing appointment:

My week

But then John Lennon said “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans…”


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