The week Papa had off…

And so it went… how does one actually do any formal learning when Papa is freely available?  Ummm… they don’t.  Srsly.

Papa was off last week and is off this week coming up.  The whole period of time has a long weekend in Minnesota to break it up, and as I type, we are still not unloaded from the trip home.  We got back with barely enough time to grab some dinner from Chipotle, then I ran to take BigGuy to choir while Papa took Girly to go get the dog from the kennel before her soccer practice.

Yeah.  We’re home.  And the school year has started.

I’m not really sure how much we’ll “do” this week with Papa around.  But I’m thinking it’s going to be close to nothing.  Last week, BigGuy did some math and foreign language and maybe a few other things, but not much.

Our annual trip to Minnesota also came with it’s share of challenges as the kids grow and enter new and unchartered territory.  I’m wiped.  And I’m bummed that I have books to return to the library before I’m done with them thanks to my floundering for the month of August; but c’est la vie, oui?


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