As I sit, planning the week…

It’s Sunday night.  Girly is out cold and Papa is giving BigGuy some reiki (more power to him because I’m so completely unable to wrap my head around that stuff).

Every Sunday night we have a family meeting.  The agenda is like this:

  1. What happened last week
  2. What is happening this week
  3. Old business
  4. New business
  5. Money stuff
  6. Something wonderful my family did for me
  7. Something wonderful I did for my family
  8. Comments/questions about anything anyone needs to talk about

As we went through item #2, Papa noted that he goes back to work this week and BigGuy jumped on the end of that with “and we start to do REAL schoolwork this week”.  I looked at my husband–whose eyebrows denoted his equal surprise.  He asked my son “Haven’t you already done ‘real’ schoolwork?” and I then took over so as to make my life a lot easier and said “Well, we’ve been figuring things out this August and then you had vacation; but we’re ready to get down to business now.” (I GUESS!!  *whew*  Nice save, Mama!)

But of course, now the pressure is on.  On ME!  GEESH!  This kid is no joke!  He wants to do some serious learning and I need to move my ass and get to it.  I just seriously cannot figure out how to accommodate Girly!  Ugh… I need to get it together.  I think I’m going to photocopy some of the pages from the Ancient Egypt coloring book for her tomorrow and tonight I need to sit down and lay out a daily time schedule so that I can work with BigGuy as needed and then work with Girly when I don’t have to work with BigGuy.  But I also really need to sit down and plan out HER activities, too.

Wasn’t I just spending the month of August trying to figure this out?  Wtf?



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