Folks, we have a 6-year-old in the house

And she is very taken with the concept that yesterday she was 5, but today she is 6.  Mind-blowing.  She also had a fit today, stating that she is “the worst writer in the world” because she wrote something and her brother couldn’t read it.  Oh my…

Every year I e-mail the social worker that first handled her case and met her birthmother.  His birthday happens to be the same day as hers and had he been able to catch the birth certificate processing in time, our Girly’s first legal name would have been the female version of his.  So he and the social worker that handled the remainder of the case get an e-mail each year with a link to a photo album of pictures.  Occasionally, the first one responds.  I have no idea if either of them still work for the state, but I send it anyway.

I took this milestone opportunity to introduce the idea that with her new age would come new responsibilities for learning.  But then, I can do that with Girly because she’s very “into” formal learning.  That being said, I really have no clue (still) how we will coordinate her into the fold of things since BigGuy and I are still trying to find a flow that works.

Top on the list for Girly, however, will be reading (because she’s trying so hard) and telling time (because she asks 42 times/day).  She will continue with art classes and soccer.  We are doing plenty of self-care learning at home (which reminds me that I need to order those ridiculous toothpick dental floss thingies).  She’s getting some history exposure from her brother and she is regularly trying to do addition and subtraction.  Maybe we’ll actually start her on Life of Fred or Singapore.

This morning, I also picked up (free of charge) the Oak Meadow curriculum for Kindergarten and I absolutely cannot wait to really pick through that.

Last, I NEED science for her.  NEED.  Experiments and all.  So regretting selling “Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding”  That might have been worth the effort with this child.  It’s VERY teacher-intensive, but my Girly is so hungry…

To be continued…


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