The birth of a movement

It started innocently enough: I was lamenting (by way of Facebook messages) to two of my friends about trying to meet the needs of BigGuy while occupying Girly with something other than the television.  Jen always has great ideas and I don’t think she had a clue what she started with her brain dump into the Facebook message…

She wrote:

Maybe we need to set up a group to get together to play games & learn. We rotate responsibility in watching over them and then when it’s not your turn you get time with your big ones. It would be tricky to manage….


These friends are too far from me for it to work out logistically, but I immediately started figuring it all out and this is what I came up with:

9-9:50am – Mom A supervises small people while moms B & C work with big kids
9:50-10am – snack?
10-10:50am – Mom B supervises small people while moms A & C work with big kids
10:50-11:40am – Mom C supervises small people while moms A & B work with big kids

That gives time to pack up and get home to eat lunch and do other things in the afternoon. You could even round robin who is mom A, B & C so that each gets a chance at having a full, unbroken block with their big kids.

Then I posted to my more local group and realized that it didn’t even need to be people with bigger kids they were working with–just families that needed dedicated time with one (or two?) of their kids where it would leave one (or more?) of their kids unattended.

And seriously–I HAVE the space for this.  The dining room seats 6 without an extension, the table in our first floor office/wannabe classroom seats 4 (and has a big dry erase board) plus has a Wii that streams Netflix and a DVD player, the basement has toys galore, the kitchen table is available for littles doing drawing or other projects if they don’t want to do them in the basement… not to mention we have a great yard with a play structure AND we’re on a cul de sac.  BAM!

Okayokayokay… I need to get on this!


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