Day 11: Take a Nature Walk (even if it’s cold)

Seriously, this is going to be the first year that this particular activity isn’t met with an exasperated groan from Mama.  Because this year I bought a REAL winter coat.  That’s right!  Last year I caved to buying an expensive pair of boots meant to beat the cold and they won me over to the idea of spending the money to buy a bona fide cold weather coat.

Mama is finally warming up to the tundra.  So this year, I’m ready for the nature walk.  Of course this year… THERE IS. NO. SNOW.

I predicted this.  I gave a hearty “your welcome” to all of my friends when I bought my coat since this assured them all of a mild winter.  But hey–I’ll take it.  The weather is supposed to be partly sunny and over 50*.  Hello?  PERFECT!  In fact, I think we’re going to head out to the prairie nearby and walk the prairie paths with the kids.  We’ll take the binoculars and see what kind of wildlife we can see.  I’ll pack some human snacks and a rubber bottom cloth throw and maybe we’ll sit and listen to hear how many different animals or sounds we can hear.

I might also consult my handy “The Nature Connection: An Outdoor Workbook” for some cool activities while we’re there.  We’ll take some ziplock bags, a magnifying glass, and some water bottles and make a morning of it.  I should bring some sketching stuff, too–just in case.

Ultmately, I’d love to get my kids to work up an endurance for hiking and maybe this will entice them to want to be outdoors more.

Does your family do nature walks?  Do they hike?  What are your best preparation tips or activities along the way?


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