Day 18: Sing songs together

We are mostly a household moved by music.  Except Papa.  Until just a few years ago he never even listened to the words.  *gasp*  Today, we will sing songs together.  Which songs?  Probably not the ones you will sing…

One of the Christian music stations is already playing Christmas songs non-stop but it is more likely that our household will be singing songs from the most recent choir concert.  There wasn’t a lot of overlap between the two kids’ choirs, but each of them picks up quick and we have the practice tracks for both.  Both enjoy harmonizing (as do I).  We might actually even sing some of our favorites from last year.  The whole family got into singing Bonse Aba.  Here’s a video of it from another choir (with great production skills!):

During the concerts, the next level up from Girly did a wonderful presentation of Haida complete with a light dance performance.  Girly was so taken with it and she came home singing the song.  It’s a bit repetitive, but I still couldn’t believe how she remembered it.  Here’s another children’s choir doing the same song:

So we may do that one, too.

Otherwise, it will be a day of carols, I’m sure.  It will be a good day for music because we have a LOT to do as we prepare for a road trip.

So turn on the radio, Spotify or Pandora and get your tunes on.  They don’t have to be seasonal–just let the music move you!


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