Can we talk about laundry, please?

You know you want to.  Some of the longest threads I have seen on Facebook are about laundry.  One of those posts included a friend’s realization that her unfolded laundry in baskets were a critical part of her clothing storage: if she folded it all, there wouldn’t be room for all of it in her drawers.

So I want to share with you nuggets of laundry trivia from my home… 

So, this is my laundry room… HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH… (that’s the sound of bright light breaking through the clouds and angels draping some kind of banner over it).

laundry room Not really: it’s Ikea instead of Elfa, for one and I love me some Elfa systems.  It also has the original crappy slop sink–although the house we lived in two houses before this one (the one we remodeled and is ST. UH. NNINNNG.) is being sold and I’m about to swap out the slop sink (and the stove).  So I’ll have a much nicer slop sink with a cabinet underneath soon.  Also, this is a newer washer and dryer because my old, almost 15yo front-loader washer (Frigidaire, FTR) managed to break.  There are these little plastic grippy teeth that fit into other plastic grippy teeth that make the handle turn and they broke.  Because #sevenmovesinfiveyears will do that to a machine.  I didn’t want to pay the $400 to repair it (FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS?!?!?) plus the dryer needed a $100 repair that it needed every 5-7 years or so.  I figured I could be newer, bigger capacity machines and lo-and-behold, my local Sears Outlet had these and wow–did they ever want to make a deal.  I got this pair for less than $1,000.  Of course, I gave up a rubber seal that never got moldy to gain larger capacity AND… AND… AND… automatic dispensing detergent.


IT MEANT THE THEN-5YO COULD DO THE LAUNDRY!!!!  Who cares if I had to start using ECOS liquid laundry detergent instead of my beloved soap nuts.  Hello?  I WAS OUT OF DOING LAUNDRY!!!

That was, until I renovated the laundry room and stacked these suckers such that she couldn’t reach the dryer.  #fail  I’m working on how to revamp this system because Girly has been without a daily chore since this was done circa late August.  Ummm… no.

In my house, we pretty much wear cotton and pretty much never wear white.  Like, ever.  Because we’re filthy like that and cotton is durable and easier to clean.  Anything that is handled any differently generally isn’t put in the laundry collection baskets hanging out in the hallway (one) and in my closet.  We also have not made the post-move switch back to cloth toilet paper so there’s no additional laundry collection receptacles.

Anyway, my point was that everything gets washed together.  We’ve used wool dryer balls for a few years and that means I don’t have to worry about separating the towels (which can’t get fabric softener) from the rest of my clothes.  #win

Girl folding laundryThe only major problem with Girly doing the laundry is the folding.  Because she can only fold things like this –>  Straight lines.  It’s great when we have a load of napkins or dishtowels (because I’ve let go of my control issues that dictate they all have to look identical when folded) but it’s not helpful for All Of The Laundry.  She’s also not skilled on laying out the shirts flat so they don’t get wrinkled.

Enter Downy Wrinkle Releaser.

Let’s get down to it people.  Know this about me:  I am so far off the path of mainstream that I’m not sure you can imagine my life.  I have fewer chemicals in my house than… I cannot even think what.  Seriously.  But there is a very short list of things that I simply do not want to know the ingredients of because I DO. NOT. CARE.  I love these products and I will use them even if they might kill me.  Those are:


2 thoughts on “Can we talk about laundry, please?

  1. I make my almost 6-year-old man cub pair socks.. because, frankly?? I HATE SOCKS! They make laundry that much more challenging, and annoying, and well, I want to throw in the towel (figuratively AND literally). So yeah, I have a bag of lonely, unpaired socks that has taken up residency on my loveseat.


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