Absolutely astonishing victory for my science kids

One of the things that happened while on my writing pause (which may not be completely over… keep reading) is that our homeschool  Science Olympiad team ROCKED their Regional competition and advanced to State level competition.  WhaaaaAAAAAT?

Nobody was more surprised than me–seriously.  SE. RI. OUS. LY.  I mean, look at that picture up there.  Do you SEE my face?  Could I BE more stunned?

Let me end your analysis:  I could not possibly be more stunned.

So, first, we won the Spirit Award for the middle school division (10 teams total at this competition).  The Spirit Award is “Presented for displaying the best overall sportsmanship and spirit of the competition.”   I could not possibly be prouder!!  These kids are just awesome and clearly it shows to the adults that interact with them.  They take their wins humbly, their losses as “lessons learned’, and they hug one another indiscriminately.  They are polite, helpful and encouraging to those around them, and they are working hard!  Competition days are long (we had to arrive at 7:40am and ended awards somewhere around 5:30pm) and the kids get squirrelly.  Maintaining good behavior and spirits can be a challenge and they rose to it!

This is the second year we have won it and that’s without a “theme” for our attire and what-not last year and a half-hearted attempt to look like we represent Star Wars this year.    It’s not about the cute shirts (ours are totally cute, but there are some clever ones out there) or costumes.  It’s about spirit.  They have it.  I love their attitudes.

I’m not going to say a word about “those unsocialized homeschoolers”.

Now we move onward to State competition.  Last year (under a different coach) we were the first homeschool team in our state to ever advance to State level Science Olympiad competition and I am proud to pick up that torch and carry it.  Our kids did AMAZING!!  Last year, there were 11 teams at our Regional competition and the top 5 teams went to State.  We were the 5th place team.  This year there were 10 teams at our Regional competition and the top 4 teams go to State.  We were the THIRD place team!!!  When they announced 5th place (the backup team) and it wasn’t our team, I thought it was possible we MIGHT still have a chance.  When they announced 4th place and it wasn’t our team, I thought “Okay–the season is over.  So glad the kids got some medals.  What kind of cake should we get…?”  Then they announced third place AND IT WAS OUR TEAM!!!  HOLY MOLY!!!!

Of course, I promptly broke the star off of the trophy not 5 seconds after receiving it as I immediately turned and hugged my kids!  Husbeau has since Gorilla Glued it back on.

So now we are preparing to head to State competition (read: pay for a hotel and dog sitting bill).  I’m glad I’m coaching my team where the kids are just really excited to BE at State and will be alright if we just win a medal or two.  We did last year.  I suspect a few will this year.  And I’m excited for them.  And Girly, of course, is excited to be staying in a hotel…


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