I swear I’m still here…

Straight up summer vacation was understandable, but now people feel like I’ve stopped writing.  All of the nope.

This has been a year of great change for me, personally, and it’s not over because there was a LOT to change.  And still more to change.  So I’m busy changin’ ovah heeeeyah.  Some very major things and they are all difficult and some are really painful.  Which means I have lots to blog about for the next several weeks.  Let me give you a brief summary of where we’re at…

I have too much to update on so I will just blog for you for the next couple of weeks about it.  #yourewelcome

BigGuy is learning a lot of executive function skills by way of his science this year.  I can’t say it’s been easy for him, but it’s going well and I think he really needed this.  Yesterday he was almost in tears with what I believe is performance anxiety about doing his biology work.  I asked him if he WANTED to learn biology and he said he did.  It was good because it drove him to persevere through the difficulty of doing quality work.

We are starting to treat Girly more like a tween than a toddler.  It’s been kind of an adjustment for both of us but I’m working hard and it’s clearly been beneficial for her to be treated her age.  Who’da thunk it.

Husbeau started consulting for an enormous corporation that loves him, but he is working outside of the house and he is working FAR. FAR. FAR. and FAR.  It has been an ENORMOUS lifestyle adjustment for all of us.

And I’m doing alright given that it’s the worst time of year for me and my particular mental health issues.  I’m actually kind of surprised how well we’re doing.

So that.

Stay tuned… I have All Of The Thoughts stored up to share with you….


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