Courses for Parents

Recently someone asked if there existed–SOMEwhere–a “class” on unschooling and I thought “I could totally teach that”.  I teach.  It’s what I do.  It’s what I’ve always done.  Adults, kids, everyone… So I now offer this to you…  I also do individual coaching if you need that (I’m trained and certified in Positive Psychology Coaching as well as other health and wellbeing related coaching certifications).  I also have a Master of Arts in Teaching with additional graduate credits in Special Education (including teaching children with autism).  I taught in the public schools (albeit brief), I’ve been a foster mother (which included educational advocacy and planning), and I’ve seen more than one child through a cognitive and developmentally challenging early childhood.

If you have a question, I can absolutely point you to the information if I don’t actually have it.

If you want individual coaching, see my coaching business website.

For group courses, here are the following.  Any course you cannot attend real-time will be recorded and a link sent to you to catch up at your convenience.

Evaluating Education Options – How do you know what the best environment is for your child?  Everyone wants you to do it their way and they can tell you why their way is the best–but that doesn’t really help you connect the dots for your family.  If you enroll in this one, it’s strongly recommended that BOTH parents are involved–so registrations will assume a spouse is on the line with you (but not a buddy–sorry!).  This teleclass will run for 6 weeks starting Thursday, June 12 at 8pm Central time for one hour.

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Introduction to Homeschooling – WHERE DO YOU START?  How do you know what curriculum to buy?  What do these different terms mean?  How do you do this if you don’t have a teaching degree?  How much time will it REALLY take every day?  What about socialization?  OMGWHATIFISCREWTHEMUP???  We’re going to tackle all of that so you can chill.  This teleclass will run for 6 weeks starting on Tuesday, June 14 at 6:30pm Central time for one hour.

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Introduction to Unschooling – Wait… when do they learn All Of The Things?  Seriously?  Like, you mean, I don’t TEACH them stuff?  How does THAT work?  We’ll talk about what Unschooling is and the various forms of educating that are often referred to as “unschooling”.  We’ll pick apart life learning, radical unschooling, child-led learning vs. child-centered learning and all of the things that get jumbled together.  We’ll talk about how you manage to have structure in the absence of things that look like school.  This teleclass will run for 6 weeks starting on Thursdays, July 7 at 7:30pm Central time for one hour.

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