Our Resources (May 2015)

I’m going to update this as we go.  Because stuff changes.  Fuh realz…

This page is being updated on May 18, 2015 but here are links to the prior versions so you can see how my delusions and realities progress with time.  🙂

Our resources as of August 2014

Our resources as of February 2015

Laziness has set in.  It actually set in sometime in November.  My delusions of grandeur from the February post are laughable at best.  Here’s where we’re at and what I’m planning through the summer.

For both of them:

Social Studies:  Lots of planning.  Notsomuch doing.  I DO want to do some studies on the Indus Valley now through July-ish.

Character Education:  More planning.  Lots of modeling.  Lots of talking.  Lots of life situations that are giving us plenty to discuss.  Notsomuch formal anything–including reading..

May 2015 – Girly – ending Kindergarten/entering 1st grade

Language Arts:  We are still working through various levels of Bob Books.  We ditched Explode the Code.  She intermittently cracks open Critical Thinking Company’s Language Smarts – level B.  I’m planning to return to “Language Lessons for Little Ones – Volume 3” by Queen Homeschool Publishing and alternating between the two.  The latter is such a richly diverse study of so many things related to language that opens the mind; and the former is building thinking skills.  I need to figure out some resources for sight words and vowel combinations.  Not worried about it.

Math:  At the moment, she’s been working through Critical Thinking Company’s Mathematical Reasoning – level A and it’s going well.  It’s a little slow for her, but well.  We also started working on Life of Fred – Apples.  She enjoys it.  Telling time and calendar skills need to become a priority for Mama’s sanity.

Science:  I don’t want to say “nothing” again because I clearly have another science-y kid on my hands and I will feel horribly guilty.  Let’s just say that science has been mostly hands-on and exploratory.  And hey–that’s science.

History:  Notsomuch.  I have no idea what we’ll do going forward, either.  A lot will depend on BigGuy since I will tackle the same subjects at a lower level for her if I can.

Fine Arts:  She is signed up for a World Arts camp this summer.  There is a LOT of drawing and doodling going on, though.  And she’s got a renewed desire for piano, so we may start that sooner rather than later.

Physical Education:  Did we mention soccer? She plays in two different groups and I just found a place that offers swim lessons indoors in the summer.  WOOT.

May 2015 – BigGuy – ending 5th grade/entering 6th grade

Math:   So, the accredited online school for Pre-algebra was a hit.  He finished the first semester 6 weeks early and got a final average of 92%.  He’s currently in semester 2 and rolling right along on schedule to finish up by July 4th.  He was pushing to be able to finish Pre-Algebra in time to do Algebra I next year as a 6th grader so he could do a year of for-credit high school science in the summer and apply to the math/science academy as a 7th grader and enter as an 8th grader (two years early).  \/\/ (that’s me making a “W” with my thumbs and forefingers for “what-EVerrrr”).  He has since noted that he’s not sure he wants to go to the math/science academy, but hasn’t slacked off or given up his drive for the match class.  Interesting.  I’d like to move over to Art of Problem Solving’s online class for Algebra I but I wonder what kind of transition that would be.

Science:   This spring we were pretty devoid of formal science learning.  This summer, he’s enrolled in a 3-week all-day (every day) camp to learn about astrophysics taught to a Dr. Who theme.  To say that I’m nervous is a huge understatement.  It’s expensive and REALLY far and LONG.  I’m trying not to think about it in the hopes of being positive.  :/  It’s seriously what he lives for these days… black holes and space-time and things I don’t really understand.   I bought Apologia Physics for him to work through next year.  I’m not sure if we’ll wait for August/September for that.  We’re investigating participation in a classical/trivium-oriented co-op that would have a science class and a combined literature-history class included where he can expand and discuss these topics with kids on the same developmental level as he is using the Socratic method (something he really yearns for) but we’re not sure that’s going to work out yet.  But they would be studying physics next year anyway–so this is a good fit.  If we don’t do the co-op, we’ll still do the physics.

Language Arts:   And language arts for that matter.  The virtual school was such an abysmal failure on this front that we got our money refunded for that course.  He still reads a lot.  He’s signed up to take IEW’s Student Writing Intensive – level B through a local co-op.  Participation is through barter, so if it doesn’t work out–I’m not out any money.  But BigGuy wants to write books and is headed down a path that will require writing.  I think he might enjoy this.  Plus, if we are involved in the classical co-op, he’ll have plenty of literature analysis.

Social Studies/History:  I’d love to learn about the Indus Valley between now and July but the road to hell is lined with good intentions.  In August, I do plan to do “What Counts as History?” from Tolerance.org’s Classroom Resources page. If we attend the classical co-op we’re investigating, we will use  Tapestry of Grace‘s Year 3 curricula because that’s the era they will be studying next year.  Otherwise, I’m truly going to attempt to finish Year 1 in a condensed format.

Fine Arts:  BigGuy finished up boys choir this year and assuming he’s invited back, he’ll do it again next year.  And I see piano lessons for both of them in the future.

Physical Education:   Meditating was short-lived.  Swimming is over.  But I have high hopes for the indoor summer swim lessons for him.

Technology:  AGAIN we have fallen off the wagon with  Avko’s Individualized Typing to learn touch-typing.  But he is working through some lessons I found online for Google SketchUp.   He’s been on an electronics sabbatical, so not much else is going on there.  The plan is for him to attend one of the Apple summer camps


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