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BigGuy and his 4th place medal at Science Olympiad regionals! GOING TO STATE!!!

OMGOMGOMG!!!  I haven’t talked much about BigGuy and Science Olympiad because, well, ummm… it’s our first year involved and it wasn’t as much of a “team” thing as we anticipated.  So it kind of threw us for a loop.  But OMGOMGOMG!!!

BigGuy and his partner–both fifth graders–took 4th place in Meteorology!!!  Our team is allowed to have fifth graders because the size of our “school” is so small.  The competition is mostly 6-8th graders.  Two of the schools in the regional competition are private gifted schools with performance criteria for admission.

AND… we are the FIRST homeschool team to ever make it to state finals in Illinois!  WOOHOO!!

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