Pre-algebra is officially completed

BigGuy set a goal and met it.  He wanted to finish Pre-algebra before July because it was the only way he could start Algebra I in the fall… and he did it.  He actually did it ahead of time, but took some time today to resubmit two homework assignments so that he could bring his final grade up over 90%.

Who is this kid…?

Honestly, I’m not sure how long this motivation will last; but we are riding this wave for as long as it’s up and running.  Currently, he is pretty bent on learning physics next year and all of these motivations don’t seem to be following the same short-lived trajectory of “BigGuy’s inspired ideas”.

This was an online accredited program with a licensed teacher (who we loved, but who does not teach any of the additional math classes).  I didn’t want anyone to think that I was one of those overzealous mothers who believed her kid COULD do Pre-algebra and therefore just SAID that he did it.  I wanted something they could look at and know (objectively) what his math capabilities were.

And this is really why we homeschool:  BigGuy was able to finish a year’s worth of math in one semester’s worth of time.  I’m wondering if Algebra or Geometry will be as easy for him.  He can take either of them at this point, but he’s gunning for Algebra I because so many other courses require it… courses he wants to take.  He also knows that the math & science academy that he is STILL thinking he wants to attend will require Algebra I before he can apply.  In his mind, he takes Algebra I and then he takes a lab science and then he can apply to the academy.  I’m kind of hoping that we can show him some other exciting options between now and then.  Partly because I’m not keen on my would-be eighth grader living away from home in a situation designed for 10th graders; and partially because he simply may not get in.  And then what?

So I need to work on that, too.  Needless to say, I’m busy.


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