Day 2: #fail

Oooooh… oh my.  Well, BoyChild got up at the crack of dawn.  We are crack of noon people.  But since he was up and he wanted to, he listened to the 8am lecture for his new biology course, and then stayed on for the 9am live orientation to the system they used.  Which means nobody ate breakfast until 10am.  #fail

This left Girly largely unattended and unhappy.  It means we didn’t kick off our day with our Character Building story.  It means Girly sat in front of Sesame Street and BoyChild joined her while I tried to get dressed.  That puts BoyChild at over 2 hours of screen exposure.

BoyChild had an epilepsy diagnosis as a small child.  He had one obvious seizure somewhere around 15 or 18 months old and then “absence seizures”.  A therapist caught that it was happening and showed us.  Then, we caught them on video which is how he was diagnosed–because a sleep deprived EEG and then a 72-hour EEG showed nothing.  At the time, BoyChild was under the care of multiple specialists and we were confronted with giving him: a daily inhaler for his Reactive Airway Disorder that the pulminologist promised would turn into asthma;  Wellbutrin to rewire his brain because he barely realized people existed and was profoundly delayed (a step up from the initial suspicion of cerebral palsy and profound deafness); and now a seizure medication with the threat that “the next seizure could make him a vegetable”.

He didn’t get any of them.  At 10yo, he doesn’t have asthma, he presents fairly neurotypical (odd and quirky–definitely something “off”, but nothing like he was) and we haven’t seen evidence of seizures in many years.  None-the-less, he definitely reacts to extended screen exposure–even if the screen is showing a series of still images.  :/

But I digress…

Extended screen exposure didn’t end well this morning.

BoyChild did go on (after lunch!?) to finish the rest of his assignments.  At some point, he needed me to be involved for his Worldview discussion questions and he was goofing off.  Now, hear me: I am NOT loving all this schoolwork.  So I really was not having the patience for it.  I told him that it didn’t seem like he was really interested in doing this work–so why do it?  He pleaded with me to stay and I forced him to answer me: why should we do this if he really doesn’t feel like doing it?

He insisted he wanted to do it, and made himself appear more focused and we finished.  But now I feel bad because I’m forcing him to behave the way that LOOKS like he’s paying attention to me when I know first-hand that he can manage to do all kinds of things and still take in information, process it and respond.  One of the many reasons we homeschool INCLUDES “So that BoyChild can be himself and learn the way he is comfortable.”  Ugh… #fail

BoyChild finished up his work just in time for the kids to do their 4pm electronics time.  I shouldn’t have allowed this for him, but I did.  He loves it.  We’d just deal if it was too much for him.  But then I had appointments for the evening and I was gone until about 9:30pm.  Girly was already sleeping, but BoyChild was still awake.  We said our evening “prayers” (3 things we are grateful for) and he was genuine and thoughtful in his.  We are definitely seeing much more depth of thought and introspection in this little guy in the last few months.

And in my gratitudes, I was thankful that we could start over tomorrow.


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