Day 3: fumbling towards direction

See, the thing is: I was a project manager in my past life during which I taught to adults at night; and then a public school teacher (like, seriously briefly).  It’s not like I don’t know how to plan, organize and execute.

I just don’t really love it in terms of educating.

Anyway… I have learned to learn my lessons at least.  We woke up on day 3 and went back to our morning character trait stories and mandatory snuggles.  The day went relatively fine.  For my life I can’t remember what we did in the morning, I just know that there wasn’t a lot of “schooling” for Girly.  BoyChild did whatever he was assigned except that he didn’t come get me for his Worldview stuff.  He did, however, have to do his daily chore (cleaning bathrooms).  We scuttled off to a mommy meeting/playdate where the mommy’s hold an accountability session for our respective businesses while the kids play.  It works.

We also had to do a walkthrough with the renters moving out of the house we really would have rather sold… but that’s another story.

Overall, not a horrible day.


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