Hump day

Sooooo… I have a new attention-sucking pit and that is the sitting room of my master bedroom of my relatively new-to-us house.  Papa put the TV in there and *poof*!  Not only am I watching more TV (late at night) but I’m getting sucked into the computer easier because it’s right there at my chair and table.

NOT loving the sitting room.  It’s 11:06am and I’ve done Girly’s hair and meditated and looked at some information I actually needed, but I haven’t eaten yet and we haven’t done our character trait story (this week is “problem-solving”).  I’m typing this as Girly reads some of these extremely basic reader books to me.  I totally love her, but ummm… #painful.

We had a really good breakthrough with Girly last night emotionally.  She had a fit of “nobody loves me” after being reprimanded and it was a doozy.  I refused to just leave her alone and alternated between pursuing her to hug her and just sitting outside her bedroom door and intermittently saying things that let her know that I was there.  For the first time ever, it ended with her seeking me out and letting me hold her and comfort her!!! And SHE hugged ME.  She WANTED to hug me in her pain!  This is SO, SO, SO huge!

And right now we are laughing about how she initially sounded out “scary” to sound like “sack-a-ree”.  ❤

BigGuy and I sat down and plotted out his week but I really think that was a bad idea.  For one, it was kind of overwhelming.  I mean, I didn’t really sit down and plan his work out and plan ALL of it with this curricula so doing it together took a lot of time and seemed like a LOT.

On the other hand, I kind of like the independence he’s developing.  He had some firm ideas about what days he could load himself up and how he felt he could manage various things.  In fact, he’s about to audition for a show for the first time ever on Friday.  I made a comment about how maybe he could do some aspect of it differently and he said “You worry too much”.  Which is ironic because I could give a rat’s ass if he auditions or not or gets in the play or not!  LOL!


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