Workload independence… #fail

Remember back on Wednesday when I told you guys that BigGuy and I had plotted out his work for the week?   Well we just had our end of week meeting to go over his week’s work and clearly this was a bad idea as implemented.


First, BigGuy cannot manage his time.  Ummmm… duh.  Seriously–he’s 10.  Wth was I thinking?

Second, BigGuy needs some learning about actual study skills.  Again… duh.  And above and beyond being 10, he’s not been challenged to learn like he’s being challenged now… so double duh.

Okay, okay… not horrible.  We’re just trying to figure it out.  But we will clearly do it differently next week.

Oh wait… next week start’s Papa’s 2-week vacation with a trip to Minnesota for Labor Day weekend in the midst of it.  Ugh…  Okay… I need to figure this out.  We have some faith and tolerance lessons to work on anyway so maybe we’ll redo that which wasn’t done this week on the reading front, learn some study skills and do the remainder of the faith and tolerance lessons over the next two weeks.  And maybe I’ll sandwich in a book on audio for the trip to and from Minnesota.

AND… he is not auditioning for the current show.  He would’ve missed 3 rehearsals and they said that missing 2 or more means they’re likely to get cut (you have to note any rehearsal conflicts on your audition papers).  We’d either have to miss our Minnesota trip and miss just one rehearsal or take the Minnesota trip and miss 3 of them.  I let BigGuy decide.  He chose to go to Minnesota.  I’m really kind of relieved.  I’m not sure we could handle the chaos of being involved in a show right now.  The parent commitment is really no joke.


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