The schedule is coming together…

So today, BigGuy went to his first Young Philosophers gathering and he really loved it.  And dude… I REALLY love that he loved it because THAT is what is going to make him THINK.  This week they read “Siddhartha and the Swan” and some other version of the same story.  Some of the questions included “What does it mean to be wise?” and then a list of challenges to their potential answers.  Holy moly–I’m thrilled.

Since the group meets 11:30am-1pm each Friday, last year the parents gathered on Friday afternoons to do local field trips since pretty much, the day is otherwise shot.  WOOT!  Love that!

I’m also really kind of looking forward to having this chunk of time available to take Girly to the library and just read with her.  ❤

I’m thinking that Fridays will go like this:

Mornings will start with usual routine of reading our “Character Building Day by Day”, getting dressed, eating, etc. and then BigGuy and I will discuss his review questions for Tapestry of Grace.  I think we’re breaking these up a bit over the course of the week so it’s not going to leave a ton to do on Friday.  I’m also going to go over and make sure all his other assigned work will be done.

Midday: Young Philosophers for BigGuy while Girly and I either explore nature or go to the library to read together and snuggle.

Afternoon: If there’s a field trip with the group–great.  If not, we’ll come home and do our weekly housecleaning since that will have to be done no matter what.

Evening: picking up our farm share.  We moved it to Fridays because Tuesdays were too insane.

I can’t lie that on one hand, I hate that this is the end of Papa’s vacation and I feel like it wasn’t a great one for him.  On the other hand, I’m really chomping at the bit to get into a routine already.  Especially since I feel like Girly is being “neglected” on the engagement front.

OH!  And I’m trying to dig out my Root’s & Shoots manual and PRAYING that it didn’t get thrown out (although I think it did).  😦  Doesn’t look like they produce a manual anymore.  (double 😦  )  I’d love Girly to be involved in something, but I’m not sure Girl Scouts is going to be “it”.   *sigh*


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