Our weekend in a nutshell

BigGuy and Papa left the house at 7am this morning for an all-day choir retreat meant to introduce the boys and get them better acquainted.  Papa (thankfully) put out a forgotten box of CSA food that someone e-mailed us about yesterday to schedule picking up today.  So Girly and I “slept in”… which means “Girly slept and I laid trapped under her because I couldn’t fall back asleep”.  But it was nice.  It was so crisp and cool and all of the windows were open… it was just lovely.

Girly and I ate some of the deviled eggs Papa made last night to facilitate a speedy breakfast, and then I showered and we did Girly’s hair (for. an. hour.)  Then leftovers for lunch, a trip to get a Mama-Girly pedi, then we watched Robin Hood.

She has a soccer game at 3pm, the boys come home at 5, and there’s a block party on our former block that we’ll head to for dinner.

Tomorrow there is NOTHING. ON. THE CALENDAR.  Which is good because mama needs to prep for the week and we really need to preserve a LOT of produce.  Srsly.  In fact, I think we’ll be making another batch of ketchup because we just have so many tomatoes.  Cray-cray.


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