My day… Monday, Sept. 29th so far…

BigGuy woke up very late and I heard him sneeze twice.  They were deep, chesty sneezes that may have hurt him in his chest.  We’ve been skirting illness for a few weeks now; and honestly–I could not be more thankful that we haven’t been sick.  The last two years (almost to the week) have been EXTREMELY hard on my family and a lot of the things we had in place that kept my kids (and the parents) healthy went largely out the window as we worked on other things that took the front seat.

One of them is how we eat.  The other is stress management.  These two things are SO, SO powerful in how our immune system functions.  Add to it that our regular supplements (which are probiotics and fish oil for the entire year, but then elderberry syrup starting in early August through Memorial Day) were also out the window.  The probiotics are another huge (and evidence-supported) contributor to staying healthy.

Needless to say, Mama is 25 lbs. heavier than she was 2 years ago and we have been dancing with illness since public school is back in session.  That really IS how it usually goes: even though my kids aren’t IN school, they also get bombarded with the stirring up of germs all over the place.  And FluMist.  For the love–FluMist.  Look: I do NOT care what your vaccination choices are.  I get that FluMist prevents you from another needle and I am thrilled for that for you.  My gripe is that 99% of doctors do NOT tell their patients getting FluMist to STAY AWAY FROM IMMUNOCOMPROMISED PEOPLE because FluMist is a LIVE virus vaccine and you are CONTAGIOUS.  Some doctors actually know this and claim that “the odds are very low”.  WHAT?!?!?  Okay–let’s talk when your patient goes to hug their immunocompromised grandmother or newborn sister and they land in the hospital.  Assholes.

So if I ask you if you’ve recently had FluMist, PLEASE KNOW THAT IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH VACCINATION CHOICE.  Ugh…  And there are lots of people who think I’m being dramatic because “their doctor didn’t tell them that”.  Great.  Go ASK your doctor.

I digress…  *deep breath*

ANYwho… BigGuy got up a few hours late with some sneezes and had zero inspiration to do any formal learning today.  What’s worse is that he also had zero motivation to do any chores.  So that’s annoying.  He managed to weasel out of the chores because he actually DID do both Monday AND Tuesday’s bathroom chores yesterday… because he did them wrong last week.  DOH!

But now we haven’t really done much today.  Mama hasn’t been a whole lot more motivated than the kids.  I guess we just needed a “do nothing” day.  Having the ability to just stop and rest like this is also a huge contributor to staying healthy.  So I’m marking this down as “contributing to the overall needs of the family”.  🙂


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