Things my kids hate

I should preface this by saying that sometimes, I write about my kids in my little homeschooling blog here and people assume that I’m pointing out the differences between homeschooled kids and schooled kids (public or private).

PSA: Unless I specifically state that I am comparing the differences between homeschooled kids and schooled kids, please assume I am just sharing about my kids.  For no other reason than to share about my kids.

Although sometimes I do post something that I know is specifically about homeschooling for us and someone will pipe up with “My schooled kids do that, too!”  Okay, great.  But my point is either that 1) my kid would not be doing this if s/he were in school because of any number of reasons specific to that behavior/condition; and 2) maybe your kids DO do this, but I have to wonder if it manifests similarly, with the same fervor, or with the same motivation.  If you would say to me “You don’t know if your kids would/n’t be doing that if they were in school” then I would say that the same goes for you–who probably makes all kinds of statements about what would or would not happen if you homeschooled your kids.  #justsayin

But I’m pretty blunt about when I think something I see is specific to homeschoolers or schoolers and I usually say so.  I’d definitely say so on my blog because if you’re reading, it’s your option to read or not read my fluff.

ANYwhoooo… things my kids hate:

  1. Real estate.  My kids probably know a touch more about real estate than a lot of kids because we just spent the last 4-1/2 years moving 7 times which included looking at regular houses, potential farmland and rental properties (both to rent for our own family but also to try to buy and rent out).  They really have no patience for looking at houses.  Like, at all.
  2. Cleaning.  Like, ANY thing.  Ever.  I want to really OWN the guilt about how they’ve spent their formative years in chaos between the moves and Mama’s untreated PTSD (which was really no picnic for anyone in the house) but in my heart of hearts I know it could just be inherent personalities combined with age appropriate hatred for any kind of responsibility.
  3. Nebraska.  I don’t remember how this came about, but we collectively decided that Nebraska was a “darn it”.  We did finally have to drive through Nebraska and we’ve lightened up just a bit.
  4. Sleeping on their own.  At 10 and 5, I am simultaneously cherishing what I know to be the last days/months/years of my oldest wanting someone to lay down with him as he falls asleep; and knowing that at some point–I will be able to go fall asleep in my own bed and stay there through the night without waking up to a small human between me and my husband.  I remind myself that oldest nursed until he was 2 weeks shy of 5 years old (and only stopped because I was unknowingly pregnant) and back then–I knew he’d stop nursing before going to college.  I’m using the same mindset here with both of them.  Plus, I’m thankful that there’s WAY less urine involved in all of this now.

Then there are the things that one hates and the other doesn’t mind.  BigGuy is loathe to touch his own urine-soaked sheets or pajamas.  He also seems to have developed a problem with NOT moving.  The recent move being the last move hit him rather hard–which was unexpected.  He couldn’t really articulate why.

Girly doesn’t mind putting a new kitchen garbage bag into the garbage can; and even though the liner can is up to her shoulders, she will lift it up and put it back in the larger (more decorative) container.  This is in stark contrast to the massive and endless melt-down experienced any time we ask her to pick up even a single Lego in her room.  Srsly.  She also hates babies.  We think this might be related to her issues surrounding her own adoption.  We thought it would be a phase, but it’s gone on for almost 2 years now.  On the up side, she has conceded that she MIGHT be a mommy someday where previously she wanted to “never be a mommy”.  :/

I will probably do an occasional “stuff my kids hate” post just because I’m sure I’m missing things.  Stay tuned…


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