My kids did a LOT of writing today

Please note the circles that are the dots in the “i”. The catalog doesn’t do that–it’s allll her. Hold on, puberty… it’s not your turn yet!

Girly loves, love, loves, LUUUUURRRRRVES the Magic Cabin catalog.  Me, too.  Inasmuch as our family has tried to phase out “Santa” for more reality-based ideas about the December holidays, Girly will have none of it.  She wants to believe in Santa and there’s really no way to gently let her down; and I will not shatter that illusion in a disturbing manner.

It’s October.  The catalogs are starting.  And so are the Christmas lists.  Well, lisT.  Just Girly’s.  Oh no, wait, I was correct: listS.  Because she is writing out her wishes on multiple pieces of paper.  She looks through the catalog and then copies the name of the item she wants onto a sheet of paper.  When she runs out of room, she gets another piece of paper.  There were at least 3 this morning (see picture above).

Copywork!  Check!

But wait–there’s more!

BigGuy recently doodled a map of “The Dragonnaire Cluster”.  It was a set of islands he created.  I didn’t know a lot about it other than that it was a place of various dragons and included a sanctuary.  He tried to engage me about it once or twice when I was in the middle of other stuff and I felt bad about it.  But seriously, my little Aspie knows nothing of “not the best possible time to discuss this”.

I looked at BigGuy’s writing assignments and he had to choose two different topics from a list to write about.  It was all about life in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Sumer.  After a minute or two of thought, I changed the requirements.  I told him that he had to choose two topics from the list, BUT, he could swap out the location that the assignment gave him and insert his Dragonaire Cluster and write about that.

OMGosh if you could’ve seen this kid’s face.

And the FULL PAGE he wrote about it.



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