While you were busy with June…

… this Mama’s college coursework started.  Which you can see affected my writing/posting… Because I’m human and I have a lot to do, y’all.

My undergraduate and graduate degree are in non-science majors and I am now undertaking another Master degree in a science-related field.  That means taking a handful of science prerequisites.  It’s been a while since Mama has been in school (not THAT long) and it didn’t occur to me that summer session effectively takes a 16-week semester and crams it into 8 weeks.

And I have two 3-credit courses.

Which is a metric ton of work.

Needless to say, I’m mildly overwhelmed and only just now getting a handle on all of it.  Somewhere in there I swapped my coursework deadlines in my head and am now missing grades for an entire week’s worth of content (which is like getting a zero for TWO weeks worth of content in a regular semester).  #schoolfail  That being said, we managed to cram in a trip or three to the local swimming hole, found an incredible and authentic NY Pizzeria in our Midwestern town, and got together with friends to take 8 kids and 3 adults through 18 holes of minigolf.

Any who… all of this college stuff is really pushing me to define what I’m going to do when I grow up… because this coursework (while fascinating to Mama) needs to result in something that’s going to pay for the student loans.  It can’t just be an expensive hobby.  I don’t NEED it for my current employment no matter how much I really love it.  So… that.  It has also sparked some conversations started by BigGuy (prompted by a trip to the college bookstore to buy an access code I needed) about college and what college was, what it was like, why people go, etc.  Interesting stuff.

Meanwhile, I’m also trying to get my act together for the next school year.  I will be posting about that soon.  So much to say… so much to say….

Right now, however, I’m about to enjoy some SUN-SHINE!  I will leave you with this little tidbit of joy that is a favorite in my house (warning: it’s a commercial for alcohol but only shows that at the very end 😉 ):


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