Day 2: Craft

This morning, my sweet boy came into my room looking for someone to go downstairs with him… because we no longer had his daily furry protective companion to do the job.  It hardly seems like a day to do a craft for the season.

Or maybe a craft if what we need…

We woke to snow and it is beautiful.  It’s our second snow of the season and BOTH have been what I have deemed “Jersey snow”.  It’s that wet, heavy snow that makes for great snowballs and snowmen.  It will break your back if you don’t shovel with proper form.  The first snowfall like this was gone within the week–in true Jersey form.  We shall see about this one.  It is our sixth winter in the Midwest and the first time I have seen snow like back home.

BigGuy also needed to go to the basement and Papa didn’t hesitate to accompany.  Much like BigPuppy used to, Papa started getting impatient with BigGuy (who was searching for a specific book).  Girly heard this exchange, came down the basement stairs and told Papa that he could go and she would stay with BigGuy.  Papa told her “You’re a good sister.”

We are all moving a little slower and with tenderness today.  The day is gray and the mood is somber for us.  I think paper snowflakes will be the craft this year.  There is something about being around a table and doing focused work together–carefully cutting, talking about things with slow words and lots of pause.  Words become more open when eyes are not looking at you.

Yes… paper snowflakes.  Where any silence will not be awkward and the end results in a sense of accomplishment.  I think that is the best craft for us this year.


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