Day 5: Why we are special

Today’s activity is to tell each person in the house why they are special.  I’m sure that when I picked this, I had delusions of grandeur about the accolades I would hear my children give one another.  The reality I suspect I face is that BigGuy will make an earnest attempt to express some Asperger’s-oriented version of what makes someone special and Girly will say that what’s special about BigGuy is that he has the loudest farts.

This is a good one, actually.  As I sit to type this, I’m not finding that I have answers right off the top of my head–which is good because it means I have to dig deep and really think about it.  So I did…

Girly: Oh my word… my sweet girl.  She is so thoughtful of other people and that spills out in so many ways.  It makes her generous in giving, thoughtful, helpful and an encourager of the sad or upset.  I often worry that she will lose sight of herself and her own needs if we don’t train her up carefully because she cares so deeply for others.  I don’t know that I’ve ever felt so cared for before her existence in my life–and that’s the truth.  Perhaps it’s just the shock of how little she is for such a large heart.  You just don’t expect it and it overcomes you.  But she is full of love for others and it’s amazing.

BigGuy:  This boy.  The loving and remarkable boy.  I just don’t know where to start.  He has overcome SO much in his little life and he continues to power on through such challenging and discouraging battles in the process of growing up with Asperger’s and his physical health challenges.  He tries to meet those challenges head-on and isn’t afraid to break down to cry and seek comfort when the battles are hard.  I know he’s going to be a remarkable man.  I’m overwhelmed with pride in him as he stands today.

Husbeau:  My husband has an incredible gift of breaking tension with something that disarms you into a smile.  It’s never too far out of line as to be disrespectful of the situation at hand or inappropriate.  Just a well-timed and slight touch of humor that doesn’t always make you laugh out loud, but take it all down a notch.  He has been that way since the day we met–that subtle and simple remark that diffuses my anger.  It may be the reason we’re still together.  MAYbe.

Myself: Yes, yes… myself.  I think it’s important that we recognize some good in ourselves.  I think what I find special about me is my perseverance.  I don’t always think it’s a good thing because I often find myself trying to pick myself up and continue trying long after it might be good for me, but it’s a trait I am thankful to have and I know not everyone has it like I do.

Take pause to let everything sink inToday I’m thankful to have to have taken pause to really think of this.  So
much of the “special” gets tangled up in what others compliment or recognize and in our rushed lives, it feels like we take those things and incorporate them into what we see as “special”.  It’s easy.  It seems harmless enough (although I don’t think anyone does it consciously).  But it’s not reflective of OUR values and often doesn’t honor the very special things that outsiders don’t have the privilege of seeing.

How appropriate for the season…


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