Day 23: Cleaning day

There are mostly Nordic, Iceland and Scottish traditions around cleaning at this time–either right before Christmas or right before New Year’s.  I chose right before Christmas, and we would be spending the day cleaning so that we could enjoy it for Christmas.  It’s supposed to be a cleaning of all things–including the body and mind.

Normally, all of my other holiday preparations are already done and this day is purposefully left open for cleaning a bit deeper than usual.  It doesn’t matter to me that we won’t have company for the holiday–this is for me and my family.  We all relax better in the uncluttered and unkempt.  If I’ve fallen off track with meditating, I will do that.  I’m likely to also take a bath and if I feel the need (and can find a place that’s open!) get a haircut.  It’s a day to get the laundry caught up and put away, too.

This year, this day will be spent seeing a medical specialist for BigGuy, and so cleaning will have to wait.  The appointment will be several hours long and hopefully it won’t include drawing blood because that’s never fun for my BigGuy.

Do a little extra cleaning for yourself today.  Maybe just one room that you get all the way down to dusting the baseboards.  Let me know how you feel sitting in that room later.  ❤


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