Day 24: Remember those who have passed

I should have looked ahead when, on Day 1, I decided to change the “activity” to “Remembrance” because here we are on Day 24 and it is a long-held traditional day of remembrance in many ethnicities and cultures and in many ways.

I don’t think we can remember too much.  So I will keep it here as well.  Generally, we light candles on this day for those who have passed.  Papa’s family used to have a rather overwhelming 7-course dinner of mostly seafood for many years on Christmas Eve and in remembrance of that, I usually find him some octopus salad to eat with our own dinner.

This year, we will be hoping to make it home to our beds before midnight.  We won’t rush, but we will try our best.

Let me know how you usually spend Christmas Eve or Nochabuena or whatever your family calls this day.  In fact, let me know what you call this day!


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