Today, we did nothing

And I’m talking full-on, absolutely nothing.  At least “nothing” by most of the country’s standards.  By the time I got up this morning, slathered my face in green clay and then meditated while that dried… the kids had apparently been fed by Husbeau.  I went downstairs and saw that BigGuy’s door was open, but Girly’s was shut and there was music coming from it.

I wish I had a photograph of what I saw when I opened her door.  #bloggerparentfail

Girly’s trundle (which she sleeps on every night) was still out and both kids were under the bed where the trundle is usually stored.  The music was playing.  There were some books or papers under there with them.  They were busy with those books/papers and not really talking to each other.  I have no idea what they were doing.  Probably doodling or reading… while the music was playing.

I quietly shut the door and went downstairs, silently trying not to jinx myself by withholding a “WOOT!” and hoping that I hadn’t disturbed them enough to come follow me down the stairs.

Honest to God, I have not really seen my children ALL. DAY.  I know I asked BigGuy twice to make his bed.  I know I told them to get dressed.  Wait–I did see Girly for a bit this morning on the back porch as she tried to beg for some of my Crimson Warming Berry Tea.  I did my peer coaching session over lunch with another mom during Husbeau’s lunch break (I had a 4 minute drive and he has a 30 second walk–so I had most of the hour) and then I had an appointment just as Husbeau was done with work.

I know they played LeapFrog Word Launch. It’s possible that BigGuy did some of his actual academics, but I doubt it.  I know they listened to a lot of music and they must have drawn a lot.  At some point, Girly asked me for a glue stick.  Oddly, NOBODY asked me for snacks…  By no means a wasted day.  Listening to music and doodling and hiding in the trundle cover all have meaning for my kids.  They’ve absolutely “gotten” something out of it or they wouldn’t have done it (let alone for as long as they did).  Some void in their little lives was being filled, and I was happy to be on standby while they did it.

What did I do with all of this glorious child-free time, you ask?  Not much.  I had to prepare for my lunch meeting and look through my e-mails; but otherwise I drank some tea out on the back deck and coordinated our calendar for the weekend with 2 other families plus a last minute birthday party invite for the boy (apparently the service sending the invites failed).  It was a gray day and that never bodes well for me–so I’d say that it was a perfect day, all things considered.

We shall see how the night goes, as Husbeau is leaving us to do an overnight sleep study and we have CSA farm shares being delivered at the butt-crack of dawn in the morning (which is my verbiage for “between 6 and 6:30am”).  I’m tired already…


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